Android Beta app version

Is anyone else getting Test version 8.0.2 from Google even though not having Beta active?
I thought I would get 8.0.1 when upgrading but no, I got 8.0.2(Test).

Hi @To_Lou ,
I got version 8.02.1450, last update March, 11 2024.
But I do not seen any reason, why it should be a beta version.

It’s missing some ‘owner’ in the flow cards title.
And PBTH charts may not update?

I was expecting only 8.0.1 from Google?

Sorry, I have no clue what you are talking about.
I have never seen any ‘owner’ in Flow cards title and my PBTH charts seem to update.
I do not know, why you are expecting 8.0.1 from Google. I don’t see, why you assume 8.0.2 as beta version. Unfortunately I also do not know how to select the installed version on Android.
Maybe you should Google, if you expect something from them, or you might contact Athom, if you think their software has some bugs.
I cannot help.

Yeah, reported to Athom already…please do the same. It’s however cosmetic problem only.