Where are the beta apps/versions in the app store listed?

Since the new app store is online i cannot find any beta apps anymore.

In the past there was a link with the app that there was a beta version available, when you clicked it you could install the beta version instead.

It seems that this function is gone, how do i find now the beta version and install them?

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It’s gone, developers now have to provide a new url , by adding /test after the AppStore url. This behavior is intended and is because (from what I have heard) Lots of people just install the beta and don’t realize it’s a beta, with all negative consequences as result.

so there is no way to search if there are any beta apps available?

Sometimes the live app has bugs and are solved in the beta, but these beta apps are now no longer be found… Also sometimes there are newer beta versions then the one you are running, these are also not be found anymore.

I added /test after the url of the app store but that does not work…

You go to the app in the store, then after that url you add test. Then, if the app has a beta version, you will see it.