Beta/test apps

There is a lot of confusion about how to install a beta/test app from the Athom store so here’s a little explanation.
Unlike the Homey Community App-Store, where u can choose a version to install…


In the Athom App-Store there is no possibility to choose another version other then the “stable” version.
Now if there is a beta/test version available then there is an easy way to retreive that version.
When going to the store and being at the correct app, like this one:

u will find the URL on top:

Now, when u add test to that URL u will find the beta/test app of that very same app.
The URL will then look like this:

And then there is ur beta/test app:

That’s all there is to it to find the beta/test apps, cheers!


Don’t forget the community store check app. It gives a clear overview from which apps a test/beta app is avail.


What should you do when there is no stable version in the store yet and you want a test version available to some users?

Put it in the Community App-Store!

The issue has been created for it, not sure if I can do that myself