Developers: Share app in testmode

I’m sure i’m overlooking something; but is there a way to share an app with other Homey users while its still in testmode (like testflight but then for Homey?)

Only if a older version is already published as stable,
then the test is free available for everyone checking the revision history in the Apps store or by adding /test to the URL

For Verified developers the /Test version is also available before the App is verified and published.
This doesn’t prevent others that know the Link but isn’t visible / searchable at all…

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Small addition:

  • After first push to the app store, the app needs to be verified by Athom support. You can uncheck the “set live” checkbox to not get it publishes as live version directly. So you have a test version (available to all users vir store link).
  • But: If you push a second version to the store, you need another approval by Athom. You can’t update your app with a new test version, that is available via store link.


  • I asked Athom support to hide the app in the store
  • Athom verified the app.
  • I set it live (but hidden in the store).
  • Now I can push test versions and users having installed the app via store link (…/test) can install the app for beta tests.
  • If all is ready to go live, you can set your last version live and ask Athom support to show the app in the storer.

Thanks both! I think the hiding solution would work for now. What is the best way to reach the reviewers to ask them to hide the App?

After submitting the app to approval, there is a field where you can add additional messages.


Sometimes I ask there for a short private chat on Slack if there are further questions. Much easier than don’t get an approval and then send messages again :wink:

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