When playing music/video interactive notification with buttons

Hi all,
I had an idea, wouldn’t it be awesome if you cast something using homey, or homey is actively playing it can show a notification like casting from you phone does? With a play button, and skip button? There could be setting for which kinds of applications such a notification would pop up. I know it shoud be possible, since the notification used in the “AND” column asking for confirmation also has a notification with buttons.
I would love to control my music and or video’s this way.
Let me know what you think.

Hi buddy, I guess via manual plugin it might work well, hope far I know.

Napsa Feknu

Hi Tim,
I was looking for something similar to display an image or animation on a screen if some action needs to be taken. How did you solve it?

Hi Gentleman,
I have not been able to solve it yet. Im not that technical.
However for your idea, recently Athom has added the option to send notifications to your phone with an image attached, it might be worth looking into. As far as i know it does not work with animations, but i have not tried it myself.

amazing idea, thanx for sharing.