What would you have done, if you knew what you know now

I have just bought a Homey Pro 2023 with the ethernet adapter. Yeah!

I have not set it up yet. I like some advice before I begin. So “What would you have done, if you knew what you know now?”


Up until now, everything we have, is centred around Apple HomeKit. However, I have found the automations are not advanced enough. So, I am looking forward to playing with Flows.

Besides that, the cloud-based setup is unstable. The response time often have delays. And sometimes some products don’t response for a short period and then out of the blue response with a delay.

Today we have:

Apple TV 4K

Philips Hue (Bridge, indoor lights, wall switches, Dimmer switches, wall plugs)

Yale Linus lock (Incl. Bridge)

Fibaro (WiFi/AHK compatible: Wall plugs, The Button, Leak sensor)

Tado Smart Radiator Thermostats incl. Bridge

Yeelight Light Strip (AHK)

VocoLinc (WiFi/AHK compatible: Wall plugs, Light bulbs, light strip)

Flic buttons inkl. bridge

LifeSmart (StarterKit with APH compatible bridge, humidity/temperature/lux sensor, buttons, motion/lux sensor, smart plug, and door/window sensors. Apparently, LifeSmart is using a radio protocol called CoSS)

Ecovacs robot vacuum cleaner (Google Assistant compatible)

I have been told that you should have maximum 8 meters between your zigbee products. So, I have bought four Nous Zigbee smart plugs to create a Zigbee mesh network.

But how should I start?

Should I just integrate my current setup in my Homey? Or would I be better off setting it all up again?

Should I delete all my automations in Apple Home and set them up in Homey instead?

Distances depend on the local situation, the device, the model, the brand, Homey’s mood. And depends on the possible wifi interference by your wifi system, and possible nearby neighbor’s wifi

For the supported brands / device models, just check the app store

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