What type solar inverter to choose?

Hi, I’m thinking about installing solar panels, can somebody advise which inverter to choose?
I’m considering 8-10 panels with 340 wp each.

Good day,

which inverter to use is always a compromise between brands depending on your needs. for example if you want a 1 phase inverter then you are limited if you want to have a 3 phase connection to your home for use of a induction cooking set.

but the sun doesn’t have to be as bright to create energy.

and the three phase the only down side is that you need more sunlight to start giving you energy.

Now on the brands to choose from that is al little bit in what system they use to convert your energy.

For example PWM converters aren’t the most efficient because it wil just follow its pre programmed formation to convert, on the other hand it is cheap.

Other systems use a more sophisticated were most of the detaqils of the converting is company secret. take for example a ABB (DTC).

But after a wile of research i came to the conclusion to take a solaredge because it has almost everything i wanted.

I have 17 panels of 340Wp each and a 3-phase converter for futher use of a induction cooking plate.

I hope is gave you enough information.
(always take a good look to the details in your quotation with every company and be sure to take the optimizers for every panel. )

I cook induction on 2 phase, so 3 is not a real requirement…

I know that it is possible but it is not optimal because of the power it needs to heet up.

Wow @Randy_Mauritz, you did a lot of research!
Thanks for your detailed explaination, you gave me stuff to think about, before I decide what to purchase.
But what I meant, are there inverters that are especially good for integration into Homey, or other smart home applications?
Are there preferred brands?
Do you have a Homey integration?


I can only say that solar edge works for me in combination with homey.

I can see wat the momentary power is from the solar panels and what the total energie is produced at the moment.

These variable you can use to trigger certain events for example charge a certain device only when there is enough energy.

But i think most of the solar apps give the similar advantages but i can tell you that the solar edge converters are 100% compatible with homey.

It depends what is the target solar system setup (island, hybrid, grid tied…). I would not recommend to do compromise on inverter just because of Homey compatibility.