What is the big Swap file?

I have a Homey Pro Early 2023, in version 11.0.0. In the Storage section, I see that there is a file called “Swap” which is 1.1 GB in size, which is a very large amount of the Homey’s storage.
Where does this file come from, is it necessary, and if not, how can I delete it?

Swap is memory-on-disk, used to store parts of the main memory (RAM) that aren’t used a lot.

It’s probably necessary (otherwise it wouldn’t exist) and if you remove it my guess is that it will be created automatically again anyway.

Indeed (tested).

You can’t or better to say, you would need to jailbreak Homey, run few commands …and you will gain nothing - or better to say you gain possible troubles: you will modify your Homey not to be inline what Athom expects and in case of any future issues, they may reject to support you.
So, friendly note - don’t do that :wink:


Do I need a Swapfile Linux? (small search on Internet)

Answere :slight_smile:
While swap space is essential for these reasons, the amount you need depends on your system’s RAM and how you use it. In some cases, systems with ample RAM may hardly use swap space at all, while systems with limited RAM or specific workloads may make more frequent use of it.

So yes you need it,

How mutch swap space you need:
Swap space should be twice the size of RAM in case the RAM amount is below 2 GB. If RAM amounts to more than 2 GB, then swap space should be the size of RAM + 2 GB. For example, 6GB of swap for 4GB of RAM.

All answere are from the linux handbook