What is reasonable max "Last Seen" for enddevice?

I have a Aqara Zigbee sensors and have major issues with Homey Pro 2023, so I’d just like to understand if there are any Zigbee sensors working reliably with HP2023 or not.

For router devices when I check developer tools there is usually a minute or less as last seen - which makes sense since these are powered. For enddevices the temp-sensor is about 30-40 minutes (but can go hours?) and for the door/window-sensors the last seen is when i pair then, and basically no updates after that.

What are the expected time here? Will devices with 1>hour ever work again or is this a sign that they have been “lost” to the Homey Pro?

If they work, it’s okay - if not, they are lost. You can always ping them on the developers interface (those non-battery operated, but even some battery one would reply)

Usually lights - several hours are OKay, battery operated - hours-minutes, routers in general shall be within seconds etc.

True is I’m also experiencing some Zigbee periodically leaving mesh network, eg. IKEA Tradri in my case.