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What input is poossible in the action card timer?


In the action card is a timer, normally I use it for delaying actions in seconds or minuts.
I recently found out that it is also possible to add a time range to let it choose random a number in the given range. By adding number dash number (2-13).


What other possibilities are there with this timer? Athom help center leaves me in the dark.

Is there anything u miss in there?

The knowledge bases specifically mentions this feature … you should check it out lots of cool things in there


The Dutch version dos not tell anything about random possibilities. not with easy browsing through material.
(if I google i probably find it, but if you don;'t know it exist nor know the correct magic word I find nothing :wink: )

The fact that there is no help which shows what possible is as input.
I have seen that in the new apps this help text is available, so improvement is on the way :wink:

What do I miss?
A method to schedule action cards as a sequence and not as all executed all together. So something like SA1:10 for sequence 1 - delay start 10 (sec/min/hr). SA2:0 - Sequence A number 2, execute immediate
SB1:0 Sequence B number 1, start and next. …

Above as an example so that you can have 2 or more parallel sequences in action cards. Of course it is also possible to start a second flow for the second sequence.

Why? Well now I have to gamble the delay time to wait before i can start the next action. I have action cards which perform remote actions and the duration of these actions are not always the same, sometimes they take a long time. With a sequence the delay is not important anymore, the next action starts only if the previous is finished executing.

So, what u miss in the possibilities of the cards timer functions is a method to schedule action cards as a sequence?

Yes, correct.