What Homey controllable light in the bathroom would you suggest?

My bathroom will be renovated and this allows me to change the lightning. I would like to be able to control lights via Homey; dimming and switchen. For me simple white light would suffice, but family members insist on having a color option…

Currently I have Philips Hue (via first Gen. bridge), Xiaomi Zigbee and Xiaomi WiFi lights with corresponding Homey Apps installed. What would you suggest? Using a lightstrip around the ceiling? Or better a couple of spotlight?

Looking forward to any suggestions!

Hard to give advice Really. So much of this comes down to a matter of taste and personal preferences.

But I do think you should start in the other end, so to speak. Do not ask yourself what kind of smart lights you should have. Ask your family what kind of light they want and need in the bathroom. Period.
When that is done, than figure out a way to make that kind of lightdesign smart and homey compatible.

Had my bathroom renovated a week ago.
In the ceiling, nothing fancy just down-lights with a Fibaro dimmer. Under the vanity a RGBW LED strip with a RGBW Fibaro controller. This last one was a crowd pleaser. It illuminates the whole bathroom in the preferred colour. Night time, the LED strip turn on right at the minimum dim value when someone walks in the bathroom, triggered by a Fibaro motion sensor.
The fan is controlled both manually and from humidity given by an Aqara temp/humidity.

End of the day, it is a matter of taste.

Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions!
I will do some extra reseach.

I currently have a normal Hue color lightbulb, but when I am going to renovate I think I am going to go for a Hue Ledstrip plus, in/around a partially lowered ceiling.