What flow is using a specific variable

I was thinking to move my Better Logic Variables to Homey Logic.

For this I want to make a list of Flows where a specific Variable is used in.

Anyone has a Homescript for this?

I have something that works for Homey 1.x but still have not updated/checked for 2.x

You could look at

by changing line #79 and #80 I was able to run it without Errors on 2.0 but I am not sure all intended functionality still works…

if (obj.uriObj && obj.uriObj.meta ) { var DevZone = obj.uriObj.meta.zoneName ? ' - ' + obj.uriObj.meta.zoneName : ''  }
log('  C>> ' + obj.uri + DevZone + ' - ' + obj.id);

Maybe this is a start?

Not homeyscript but you could use this standalone flow viewer and do a search for “better logic variable” and it should show all the flows that uses it.

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