Weinzierl 731 "maximum amount of concurrent connections" KNX ETS5

Installed the Weinzierl 731 this weekend. Got in fired up and recognized by Homey. So far so good.

When wanting to get the individual devices setup, Homey knx page suggests to have knx app “learn” the connections or upload the knx project file. Both have been unsuccessful for me. Cannot get the app to learn, and do not have the project file available.

Got myself a copy of the KNX ETS5 software and installed it. The intend is to monitor the bus for telegram and in this way get the addresses required to setup all my addresses (for my KNX lights initially).
After starting the software and moving over the monitoring section. ETS5 reports “The interface cannot accept the new data connection because its maximum amount of concurrent connections is already used.”

Presently only one tunnel is setup (homey to KNX).

Anyone any idea why the weinzierl 731 will not accept more connections. (already read the Logg KNX with Homey connect post, but that does not solve this)

Update : apparently the Weinzierl 731 only handles one connection at the time as standard. For me the following worked.

Unplugged the Homey and waited five minutes. Then connected the ETS5 software and voila the connection was made and bus monitoring was possible.

Afterwards started homey again (after clossing the ETS software).

Update : So the actual question that remains is how to setup the 731 to accept multiple connection (tunnels) I believe the specifications of the 731 state that it can connect up to 5. But up to now for me no success (yet :slight_smile:)

If someone in the community has some practical experience, sharing is much appreciated.

Hi @Mark_B, I could not find an option for a private message but could I ask what KNX system you have installed in your house? I am thinking of buying the Weinzierl 731 to connect my home automation system based on Conson’s Concept 2000 to Homey. I was not able to find any posts about it and have no experience yet. It feels like the KNX based home automation is a whole other world and I find it difficult to find any tips.

Often it will be required to download the KNX application to a KNX IP Interface using a KNX USB Interface. This could be the problem. Weinzierl 731 has up to 5 tunnelling connections but the application download needs to be completed to enable them.