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KNX bus adress - how to read?

I have just bought a Homey with Weinzierl IP interface for my home KNX system (lights, shades). The person who built the house used a Hager Tebis programming tool and there is no record of the individual KNX ETS bus addresses. These are needed for Homey to work with KNX.

I did Internet research but found few to no tools. I tried ETS Demo and included diagnostics but did not bring anything meaningful (yet). There may be a difficult way in the Tebis programmer to obtain the ETS addresses, this is my last resort.

Who has ETS, knows how it works and is willing to help (for a small fee) to read my KNX system and help getting Homey to work? Area Bergen op Zoom Netherlands. Any other suggestions?

Meanwhile I got it to work. Through teh ETS Demo bus monitoring I was able to collect a number of bus addresses, and am able to switch a light and move some blinds. However the bus readings do not appear fully consistent so not easy to set up Homey.

It would be nice to have a learning mode in Homey KNX, allowing to read all addresses when pushing switches etc. Much like the bus monitor of ETS. The basics should be simple: a switch is sending to a module address which should trigger an action. By reading the telegrams of an existing KNX setup Homey should be able to duplicate the actions.

Anyway it is far from straightforward and needs a lot of improvement in the Homey KNX setup.