KNX App with Bab-Tec EIBport KNX/IP Gateway?

Is there anyone who has success using Homey KNX app with a Bab-Tec EIBport?

The KNX app detects the KNX/IP Gateway automatically.
Using Learn Mode I see devices being recognized by the Homey KNX app but sending any KNX message to the bus doesn’t work.
Any idea?

Does the Homey KNX app use Tunneling or Routing mode? Can i configure/enforce Tunneling somehow?

(I know that this configuration is working for another KNX-MQTT gateway:

ipAddr: ''
ipPort: 3671
forceTunneling: true
physAddr: '2.1.11'
suppress_ack_ldatareq: true



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Just got my homey and have the same issue as you. Have you found any new information?


No. Athom doesn’t seem to care. The support ticket is open since May with no resolution.

In the meantime I even got an offer from them to buy another KNX/IP Gateway (Weinzierl) with a discount. Ridiculous…

Any luck Solving this?

Yes. By adding a Weinzierl Gateway and moving my critical KNX stuff over to Home Assistant. I only kept the thermostats on Homey. The new version of Homey’s KNX app appears to be more stable but I can’t really tell as the traffic my thermostats generate is really low. So I wouldn’t notice any connection drops.

Hi There,
So I undertand taht the success of the connection depends on the model of the gateway ?
It’s not generic ?
I’ve just moved to an house with a full KNX infra and I’m totally newbee.

I’ve installed the KNX app 2 days ago and simply try to add a new KNX light.
the app asks me for the IP of the gateway.
I think the gateway installed is a MTN680329 - KNX - routeur KNX/IP | Schneider Electric
However, I’m not sure this what I’m supposed to ping
The scan function of the app doesn’t return any IP and entering returns “There was an error”,…

IS the app reliable ?

Hi @gagga ,

Have you still issues with Weinzierl gateway and your KNX setup?