KNX IP connect not possible after Update to 10.0.0-rc.133 today night


today early morning the newest rease 10.0.0.rc.133 was installed.
Now all my KNX Devcies aren´t accessible anymore.
KNX App Version 1.2.4
Restarting the APP and the Homey Pro, but no success.
I have also restarted the KNX IP Gateway (Weinzierl). No success.
KNX IP Gateway is OK, because i can access the Bus with the ETS Software from my PC over IP.

If somebody has any suggestions?

<<<<< UPDATE 09:33 >>>>>

Devices are now accessible.

I have changed the IP address of one Device and revert it back to the original.
After that homey pro was able to access the IP KNX Gateway for all KNX Devices.

Kind Regards