Webhook receiving multiple values

Is there a way to send a webhook to Homey with mulitple values?

I now use http://ip.homey/api/manager/logic/webhook/event?tag=value and this works fine, but i want to send 1 one call more values something like:
http://ip.homey/api/manager/logic/webhook/event?tag=value&tag2=value2 etc

I know this does not work, but are there other methods to receive and process multiple values in 1 call?

This one can send 3 values at a time to Homey:

You can send any amount of parameters with a Webhook. You just need to add a “separator” between the values, and then use a HomeyScript with a split function to create those multiple values again.


_ is the separator

It is included in the app: MiniWebserver

Thank you for the tips.

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