Web App: Enable Collapsable list of Zones + Filtering, also for scripts

My requirement would be to synchronise the user experience for the list of flows, zones and Homeyscript.

In the web app, the folders containing flows can be collapsed in /unfolded, this is very practicable, given a long list of flows/folder structure. Also the search function is very strong and appreciated.
Can the same be added to the zones / devices tab and the HomeyScript app?

This would enable “closing” a floor (hiding its rooms) and focus on a set of rooms for a certain floor. This will also reduce the need to scroll and make the user experience more consistent.
A filter option would enable to quickly find a certain room or to filter comparable zones within a room (multiple rooms could have a heating or presence zone).

Same for Homeyscript, this already has a filter function (:partying_face: )
But as the number of scripts can become quite large, having a folder structure would bring a better overview (and again user experience consistency.

On top it would be nice if (finally) it would be made possible to be able to change the order of the zones


Good suggestions.

Yes. Drag ‘n’ drop would be nice👌
Maybe you know alr but as a workaround I sort my zones by using leading numbers:

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