Weatherstation + sunscreen


I’m looking for a solution for sunscreen (Brel motor). If it is sunny the sunscreen should ope and when the wind is getting stronger the sunscreen should close and after X time open again. I was thinking to use Alecto ws-5500 or Netatmo for sun and wind and sun measures, but I’m not sure it works.

Anyone some experience with this?
Which weather station to use or is there an alternative?


As not all Weather stations provide Sun strength/light intensity you could think about the Power generated by a PV system if you have it (I had that before) in combination with fe a NetAtmo for Wind if you have an extra Wind gauge high enough.
That should be possible.

Thanks for the swift reply.
The Alecto ws-5500 has a sun sensitivity meter.
Sorry to ask, but PV?

PV photovoltaic I guess, solar panels…

I am not 100% sure, but Netatmo updates the weather data every 5 minutes only.

Problem with a personal weatherstation is you are almost always just to late. I use a Netatmo weatherstation. When it it is starting to rain it takes a while before it will report(you get a message when 1mm off rain is detected). This means that your sunscreen is wet allready. The windgauge from Netatmo works, but you need to place it high for accurate measurements. Problem in that case are connection problems(distance) and replacing the battery(1-2 a year). But when there is a sudden wind gust you could be to late. For lux you need accurate measurements on the place off your screen, so I assume solar pannels are placed on another spot then your screen.

I use the rain forecast from openweather. Works reasonably in combination with the Netatmo raingauge. I also use the Somfy 3d windsensor. This sensor is mounted inside my sunscreen. The minute it detects a wind gusts it closes. For lux measurements you could use every sensor that measures lux. Mounting at the place you want ti have your measurements. For instance Hue outdoor sensor.

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A wireless rain sensor that immediately reports rain is available from Homematic, but you need a Homematic gateway. It is supported by the Homey Homematic App.

Not necessarily. A normal rain sensor in combination e.g. with a Smart Implant (Z-Wave) is also possible.

Of course, you can do a lot of things by DIY, but I wanted to suggest a plug&play solution.