Need some help with Netatmo & somfy flow

Hi There,

Recently I bought the netatmo weather station with wind and rain meter to be able to automate my somfy sunscreen.

Now I’m having some difficulties making the right flow.

I would like to set up a flow that closes my sunscreen between 08:30 and 21:30 when it rains 0,3mm every hour or so or when it’s windy for example 10km/h. I managed to set this up but the thing is that it would also need to open back up when it stops raining and being windy.

So how can I make a automation that checks if it’s raining or being windy or both or not and if not to open up my sunscreen between 08:30 and 21:30.

Thanks in advance

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First of all … there are to many ways to do that - and also the definition (and if not…) itself is not so punctual :slight_smile:

Simplest (but may be dysfunctional) is just to invert the conditions. For example “If rain mm/h becomes less than… and time is between … then open sunscreen”
This may be little bit stressful, because it practically means “ALWAYS if not raining and time is… the sunscreen must be open”. Ok… this does not triggers, when there is no rain at all, but actually there may be something - for example the morning dew.

Little bit more complex solution is, if You set during “close” also some timer, and for example the timer triggers flow after hour. The triggered flow then looks, is there still rainy. If yes, then sets trigger/timer again for one hour; if not, then it does the open action.

PS. From my point of view it’s quite good idea to use different flows(set of flows) for rain and wind. To “accommodate” all the conditions into one flow may be quite hard. If You want simple in GUI but hard (and totally flexible) inside - then may-be look to the script (change in wind/rain triggers the same script, which one then does internally all look ups/logic’s

Thankyou for your response.

I think i’ve found a solution.

I made a flow that activates a virtual devise (lamp) when it rains and one when its windy. so when both the lights are off the conditions are good enough to open my sunscreen.

I’ll leave this flow running for a few days to check if it does what i want it to without being annoying.

But… why not the variables? Both (device/variable) have possibility to get/set in flows and act as trigger.
Yeah, device is presented and settable via GUI to[1] :wink: but… anyway, if the rain/wind override it, then this is not so big plus.

The device(s) may be more useful, if they are set into group, and then the change of (any)one in group is applied as trigger for sunscreen. Not used by myself, so, based only on description - but smells, like the app “” may solve some potential problems, when put over Your virtual lamps :wink:

[1] As variables, but variables are in little bit different place.


Somehow im a bit lost. I have netatmo weatherstation and just bought the wind meter (anemometer). For the same reason for somfy sunscreen. But i cannot find any cards concerning wind? Do i overlook something? Do i need another app besides netatmo?


Have you setup the anemometer on Homey?