Netatmo wind and somfy rts flow

Hello, can someone help me? I installed 2 ban somfy blinds in RTS. A Netatmo station with an anemometer.
I wish adjust the wind speed to get my two blinds up.
For the moment by default there are 15km/h and I find not where I can change it?
Also when the wind reaches the speed of 15 Km/h there is only one blind come up?

Show how your flow looks like, then some one can tell you what is wrong.

The windspeed is not set at 15 kmh but is a example for the tag. You can make your flow like this

I also have the anemometer but don’t use it anymore. For me it didn’t function as I wanted. Instead i have the Somfy Eolis 3D wirefree io. When my blinds vibrate to much the blinds automatically close. Advantage is that it reacts directly.

At the THEN part you can ofcourse close every blind you want.