Weather dashboard URL for chromecast

i was looking for a nice URL that i can cast to my Chromecast for showing off the weather in fullscreen after searching this morning finally found something that i wanted to share with you.

with you can pick a location that you want to be on the screen copy the number and paste it in the below link,{Number on the website}?embed=true&timeControl=false&fieldControl=false&defaultField=temperature&defaultUnits={_c for metric _f for imperial}

it probably is also possible to switch between the different types of weather view by changing @temperature, to @precipitation_rate, for rain radar. but i haven’t yet experimented with that.

it’s also possible to add a marker with your own name to it on the website search for your home place (or somewhere you like for that matter) and from the url copy marker={number with location}&marker-name={name of the marker can be your own name if you like use %20 for spaces example: New%20York)

so for example my url looks like this for the temperature,52.275,5.339,8?embed=true&timeControl=false&fieldControl=false&defaultField=temperature&defaultUnits=_c&marker=52.193,4.625&marker-name=Oude%20Wetering

i was wondering if anyone else has a better page for doing this? or better ideas to get to similar results?

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Seen this one?,4.678/ca24/nl

yes i did but what i don’t like about it is the fact all the menu options are there because i cast it to a chromecast i can’t give any input on the tv so why would i need options :stuck_out_tongue: was more looking at some form of dashboard view :innocent:

Did you actually look at the link, are you also living in “Alphen aan de Rijn”? If not you need to change the coordinates in the link ( 52.123,4.678) to the coordinates of your home-town.