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As of January 2022 I don’t own a Homey anymore. If anyone would like to take over this work you can contact me via PM.


This app displays information from you personal weather station by either using a data file url of by using the WeatherLink cloud.


There are two drivers. One for displaying information gotten from a url pointing to a Weatherlink
data file (old school). The second driver connects to the WeatherLink.com cloud via an API token v1.


This app contains two device drivers.


Driver Weatherlink is for data retrieval via a url pointing to a WeatherLink data file. The file format is plain text with on every line a single variable and it’s value. The file start with the line “BOF” and ends with “EOF”. The line format is ‘$<var> = “<value>”;’. For example ‘$outsideTemp = “12.8”;’ is the variable for the outside temperature.


Driver Weatherlink.v1.api is for data retrieval via the Weaterlink.com cloud. You need to provide a Device ID (DID), Password (account owner) and API Token (see below).

Where can I find the Device ID?

As I (developer) do not use the cloud solution I’m not sure where to find the Device ID. Most likely you’ll find the Device ID when you login to the weatherlink.com website. The Device ID looks like “001D0A00DE6A”.

How to get an API v1 Token?

Log in to WeatherLink.com with your account. Go to account information. There you will find a part about the API token v1. Press “Generate New v1 Token”.


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@RobvandeGoor: Rob, can you test the new version? It should fix the rain amount bug and also added the Feels like-temperature. Test app: WeatherLink | Homey

Tanks for the quick fix.
I have installed the update and will test it.

I can see the Feels like temperature in the app. :+1:t2:
Would t be possible to sort Temp like:

Temperatuur Voelt als
Voelt als Luchtvochtigheid
Druk Regen
Windrichting Windsnelheid

Would it be possible to add more vars?

Try the latest test version. I’ve added rain rate and wind gust and rearranged capabilities.

Could it be that I have to de-install the previous app first? I do not see the extra’s in V1.0.3.

I had to delete the device and add it again. Not I see the extra’s. This is very good. :+1:t2::ok_hand:t2:

Would it be possible to rearrange the capabilities?

The capabilities should be arranged as:
Feels like
Wind angle
Wind strength
Wind gust
Rain rate

All data seems to be alright. The only thing I cannot check at the moment is rain. I will let you know after the I see the first new rain data in Davis Weather station.
Tanks for the changes made.

Can you please check with Feel like temp you are using in the app? I could be wrong but could it be that you are using the Wind Chill temp iso THW Index?

I have added some screen shots:

On the Homey Weatherlink app the Feels Like temp is: 1.7 degrees.

On my Weather station the feels Like temp is: 1.5 degrees.

But when I scroll down in my Weather station, there is a separate part about Feels Like:

The Wind Chill is not the same as the THW Index.
The THW Index uses humidity, temperature and wind to calculate an apparent temperature that incorporates the cooling effects of wind on our perception of temperature.

But if you have the possibility to add the Wind Chill and Heat Index, that would be great.

The THW index isn’t provided by the API interface. The current Feels like-temperature calculation is the same as used in the Weather Underground app. That is, if the current temperature is below 16.1°C the THW index = Windchill, if the current temperature exceeds 21°C it’s equal to the Heatindex, otherwise it’s equal to the current temperature.

ok, that’s clear to me. Thanks for the feedback.

I found a THW calculation though which might be a good replacement for the Weather Underground method. Let’s try that one.

Ok, sounds good .:+1:t2:
This evening I will try to find the calculation Davis is using for THX.

After update 1.0.4, Feels Like stays empty.
I have deleted and installed the app but no Feels Like temp. is visible.

Hi Marco,

Thanks for the update. Can you please check V1.0.5. It looks like that the Feels Like temperature is a bit out or range. with the new calculation.

The calculation of THW index is found here. If the value differs from what you see on WeatherLink it’s probably because WeatherLink is using another calculation. I haven’t found the formula yet.

Have you seen this Davis technical Reference document?


Yes, I read that document already. There’s no formula about the THW index. I’m leaning towards the calculation method which is use in the Weather Underground app as described some posts above.

Support for device “WeatherLink Live” in WeatherLink app?