New app for WeatherLink

As some of you may know, WeatherLink software is used to log data from a personal weather station like Davis Vantage Pro 2, Vantage Vue etc, and now via as a cloud storage. Are there Homey owners interested in using a Homey app to display information of your personal weather station? At the moment I already have a working version for reading a WeatherLink data file via a url (old school) and via the cloud api v1. Still working on the api v2 version, but lacking an account with devices for that. Please let me know if you’re interested.

Yes, I am very much interested. I own a Davis Avantage Pro 2 with IP-link.
Currently I read the data in Homey via Weather Underground wit a delay interval of 10 min.
It would be great to have a direct link.

Hi Rob, so you have access to and could generate an API Token v1? And out of curiosity do you have a Basic, Pro or Pro+ plan?

Hi Marco,

Yes I have access to and see my weather station data on this site. I was not aware that I am able to generate an API Token. Later today I will check on how to create one.
I have a basic subscription because Pro or Pro+ plan are for too expensive.

Hi Rob,

In the meantime I published the app. See also Would be really nice if you could test the API v1 device.

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Hi Marco,

Thanks for putting the app live and it looks good. :+1:t2:
I have installed the app and I see the Weatherlink information.

Some questions regarding the app:

  1. The info available in the app is this all what is provided via the api or will it be possible to see more information? I also like to see the Feels like temps, extra outdoor information and Rainfall 24HR, etc.
  2. The rainfall today in Weatherlink: 0,2mm. Rainfall in the app: 0,01mm. I think something is not ok because 2 different numbers for Rainfall today.
  3. Same is for Temperature and Real Feel Temperature. There is also a difference.
  4. Would it be possible the nou press on Wind direction that you see the direction iso degrees? Or can this be separately added to the app?

Below a screenshot of the Weatherlink app Davis and Your app: