Ways to trigger automations on Homey Pro and Homekit at the same time

Hi all,

I hope someone can point to a clever way of setting this up: I would like to have a “movie theatre” button that:

  • Closes windows (Velux Integra)
  • Closes down drapes (Velux Integra as well)
  • Set the right light on Hue lamps and lightstrips (Homey Pro)
  • Turn on an LG television (Homey Pro)
  • Play an opening tune on Sonos (Homey Pro)
  • …triggered from a click of a button on Aqara (Homey Pro)

The thing is that Velux is only running Homekit via it’s own gateway, which works well - so I don’t wish to change to Somfy or something else. All the other stuff, I can do via Homey easily.

I was thinking that the button could trigger automations on both Homey Pro and Homekit - but the button doesn’t like to have two hubs, so that idea failed. Also, setting the button up via HomeyKit or the experimental access doesn’t fly either.

Is there a way to trigger a flow/automation across? Perhaps a trigger I haven’t thought of?

Any ideas are warmly welcome - or an app for Velux’ latest gateway :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

I think there is a way with webhooks + homekit. Just found this topic on Reddit (homekit + ifttt, just replace the ifttt with homey :wink:):

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You can use the app Homeykit. Make a virtual switch on Homey and add this switch to homekit trough Homeykit.

Now you can make a flow when button pressed: virtual switch on. And in homekit you can say ‘When virtual switch is on… do this’ (same for off)


Well, thank you very much 8bt and Sjoerd1 - I actually did get it working just now.

I tried out the experimentals from Homey directly (Homekit and Virtual), but that did not work very well.

So, by using the Virtual Devices and HomeyKit apps, I got it flying by setting up a virtual mode and then add that virtual device in Homekit.

When I press the Aqara button it first ignites the lighting, the Sonos sound plays and turns on the TV. From there Homekit picks it up, closes windows and drapes - voila: movie theatre mode completed.

Perhaps I should get a popcorn machine…

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