Washing machine/dryer with Fibaro Smart Plug


In the meantime, I’ve read dozens of articles about making the dryer and washing machine smart, but I still can’t get it done. Sorry…

The flow seems to be a 1 on 1 copy of all working flows, but I still get false reports of completion after starting the washing machine or dryer.

What am I doing wrong?



I think its the ALL button. What happens if stroom is more than 50 and wasmachine is aan but the zandloper isn’t running yet. I would be very careful with the ALL button.
just use
Stroom change-> smaller than 8 → start zandloper
Stroom change-> bigger than 50 → zet wasmachine aan → stop zandloperZandloper empty → zet wasmachine uit
Logical wasmachine change → If Nee … ELSE …

I will try again, it was without but then I get false positives also. But I changed more so I will try it know. Thanks, keep you updated

This is a nice card:
When the power is below/equal/above x Watts during Y minutes, only then it triggers

From the neat Device Capabilities app


De “Stroommeter is veranderd” is niet hetzelfde als het “Vermogen is veranderd”. Vermogen is W.

Je hebt nu trouwens gepost in het Nederlandse deel.

“Power meter has changed” is not the same as “Power has changed.” Power is W.
(Translated via deepl.com by @fantross)

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Ik ga deze zeker gebruiken, maar lees in onderstaand bericht dat ik gewoon dom ben qua het gebruik van de labels en geen watt gebruik. Dat eerst maar eens aangepast

I am definitely going to use these, but read in the post below that I am just stupid in terms of using the labels and not using watts. Changed that first
(Translated via deepl.com by @fantross)

Dat meen je niet, was ontzettend dom van mij zeg!

Heb beide flows nu aangepast.

No kidding, was incredibly stupid of me say!

Have adjusted both flows now.
(Translated via deepl.com by @fantross)

Updated the title to: Washing machine/dryer with Fibaro Smart Plug


Hi Peter,

Can it be this simple or am i missing now some logics ?

Or is this better?

@Martijn_Vermunt Also keep in mind that some dryers have an anti-crease feature and after the dryer is done it goes into effect.
With my dryer, it was about 20 seconds silent and 40 seconds running. And that for an hour.
So just saying that if the dryer uses less than X W for X minutes doesn’t always work.

Hi Mike, Thx. But a anti-crease function is not part of the regular program or is it ?

Do you have any suggestions? My problem
Is/was that I get false positive messages after 5 minutes I started the dryer or washing machine

@Martijn_Vermunt After 5 minutes a false report is a bit early.
I don’t remember the exact times but will explain what my dryer did.
With my dryer it was that almost at the end of the program the dryer stopped for 25 seconds.
Then it ran for a while and then stood still for 20 seconds in between and ran again for 1 minute.
Silent again for 20 seconds and run again. That was part of the program.
When the dryer indicated it was done it continued for another hour with 20 seconds silent, 1 minute running, etc. And that lasted for 1 hour.
So I also made another flow with a timer that took 480 seconds after the 25-second pause. Because then the dryer was finished, 480 seconds after the 25 second pause.
It was a hassle to figure out, though.
I ran the program several times and had the app Simple Log create a log file where consumption was recorded.

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