Wait until once a day


I would like to close my shutters halfway after 16:30 on the luminance of my comfort strip is < 500 lumen?

half closing my blinds is ok

But how to “wait until <500 and hour>16:30” in flow? and just execute this flow once a day ?

thank you

Hello @ODE , welcome to the community.
I have a similar setup with lights that must go on once, and blinds must close once based on luminance.

The “trigger”/“IF” is the change of luminance. In the “and” part you check if lumen < 500 AND time > 16:30 AND the current state of the blinds is more than halfway open (don’t know how you can check that depends on your configuration. For me i check if lights are off, and in the other flow if dim-level of blinds is > 0% (not fully closed), so you could check if dim-level of blinds > 50% (means they are more open than halfway)). In the action you give the command to half close the blinds.

Create a logic YES/NO variable called “BlindsLuminance” and make it “NO”

IF “luminance from sensor < 500 lx”
AND “if BlindsLuminance = NO” and “time is after 16:30”
THEN “change BlindsLuminance to YES” & “close blinds”

Make an extra flow IF every new day THEN “change BlindsLuminance to NO”

Note that it is theoretically possible that Lumen is already at a stable and very low level (<500) before 1630. Then the Lumen will not trigger this flow anymore after 1630 and thus your blinds will stay open all night.
So you may wanna copy this flow to a second flow where 'Time is 1630’’ is the trigger and the rest is the same

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Before I had a box jeedom is that must have that it was simpler because I could use the “wait as long as the luminance is < to 500 lumens”.

The flow seems more complicated with Homey because there is no waiting in the conditions.

When I say 16:30 it’s for Winter to Summer it will be later.
But in both cases I “have to” test at least 2 times that the luminance is < 500 to make sure it’s not simple from passing clouds.

Indeed it’s difficult because the trigger is based on the change of luminance, but it’s done that this only low can be waited with the departure time.

I know now that there will be at least one boolean variable to say that the shutters have already been lowered and this same variable will have to be reset every morning.

Do you have an idea?

I’m sorry Ode, I find your comment a bit cryptic. I think I have explained how to deal with the luminance, by having two flows. Then if you include in both the boolean variable that indicates that the shutters already have been lowered then I think you are done.
Or am I missing something

I solved my problem by incrementing a counter (every minute) from a certain hour and if the light is insufficient for 15 mins, it closes the shutters. The counter resets to zero the next morning )
Thanks for your help :wink: