Luminance sensor and blinds

Hi all,

I have a window at home and a lot of sun is coming in especially in the morning making the environment quite warm. The blind is controlled by a qubino Shutter and in the room I have installed an aeotec sensor 6.

For now what I have done is create a “Logic” which is my luminance threshold above which the bling should close.
I have then two flows.

  • when the luminance is changing and the luminance is bigger than the set value and time is between x and y then close blinds
  • when time is y lift blinds

Now the issue is that sometime the blind closes but then for any reason I would like to lift the blinds and keep them open even if luminance is greater than the set value and time is between x and y.

Any suggestions on how I could achieve this?

Maybe, to facilitate the task we can consider that once the blind is lifted during the x y time it won’t be closed again the same day.



This is a good start.
You only need a yes/no variable.

If the variable = No, then the flow to close the blinds can be triggered (in the time between x and y).
When the flow is triggered for the first time, the variable must be set to Yes. This prevents the flow from being triggered a second time.
The variable can be set to No again after the time y.

Or you can disable the flow that closes the blind

  • You can do it manually

  • Or in a flow

Automatically, with a switch, button, virtual switch/button.

There are many ways to prevent a second triggering of the flow. If you want to deactivate the flow (no matter which way), you have to remember to activate it again sometime.

If you need help with the flow then let us know.

Thank you all. Very useful.

I ended up deactivating the “down” flow automatically at the end of the “down” flow and reactivating it automatically at the end of the “up” flow. I also tested the Yes/No variable but the former requires less cards/variables.