3 windows 1 sensor flow help

I have a flow for roller blinds on 3 windows that are controlled by 1 light sensor.
I would like to improve my current flow and need some help/tips!

Current flow
I light sensor is positioned next to my OLED TV that I want to protect from direct sunlight coming from 3 windows next to it.

The first window from which the light hits the TV/Sensor is Window C followed by Window B and then Window A.

As the suns position differs depending of time of year I use Sun Events instead of time.

So if it is before Solar Noon and the sensor is triggered then Window C closes.

If it is after Solar Noon (with a delay) then Window B closes. And if Window C is open (might have been cloudy before) it closes both Window B and Window C. Then it continues the same for Window A.

What I want to improve with the flow is when/how the windows open again if it gets cloudy. As it is now the windows only open when it´s afternoon. I want them to open earlier if it gets cloudy.

Any pointers or ideas how I can accomplish this?
I can´t make it so that if the light is below X amount it should open the windows because it might be that it is sunny outside but low light because of the blinds being closed.

That is hard to accomplish without an external light sensor. I am using Philips Hue Outdoor motion sensor that includes a light sensor, but you may have a better option.

Question: do you know for sure that if it is dark outside and the TV is on that your internal light sensor wont detect light from the TV?