Virtual device shows null value


after I originally backed the kickstarter project for homey and sold my homey because of the frustrations which came with it (in the early beginning), I decided to give Homey another go and bought a new one.

So at the moment I’m working on creating my Homey Dash and installed a plugwise smile today.
I want to be able to show multiple values on my dashboard (actually all the values plugwise provides).

The values are available in my flow, but when I want to assign this value to a virtual device it shows NULL.

The actual values are showing up in simple log but I can’t assign them properly to my virtual device.
What can I do to get this working? Am I doing something wrong or ain’t it the way to go?

Thanks in advance.

and the flow looks like?

Trying with some testdata at the moment.

You should use measure_temperature instead of “Temperatuur” in the last card (TestVD - Thuis). That is the way that Homey works. See this page for more information.

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You need to use the capability ID (which you can find here)

What’s very important is with which capability the device was created, I assume you choose a thermostate type, but which capabilities did you choose after that?

It will only work if you selected the appropriate capability and set that one in a flow.

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Thanks, it indeed works like you stated!