Virtual buttons not working

Since this month i’m having issues with virtual buttons. When i press the virtual button it will not activate. If i open the card of the button and press on the button in the card then it does activate. Is anyone having the same problem? Or can someone help me with my problem?

Just tried it out and can confirm this issue.
Because this seems to be a firmware issue, please contact Athom (

Is indeed not working. But when used in flows it is working… So when THIS happens press ‘Virtual button X’ is working.

The Virtual Devices virtual Knob / Button shows the same behaviour.
Hitting the button in the ‘Devices’ screen shows a switching animation, but the flow isn’t triggered

When in the device settings, the flow gets triggered after hitting the button

Homey v.7.2.1-rc2
app v6.10.0.842
Virtual Devices v0.9.5

i also noticed that when i was thinking of using Virtual devices.

Same issue with me

Reported this issue on Slack. This is the answer of Robin Bolscher (Software Developer):


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