Optimize my TV integration with Virtual device

Hello there,
I 've tried to manage my TV : i’m using an IR remote (broadlink mini) and a smart plug to measure consumption. First step is to correctly update my TV status…

So I created a virtual device to show easily the state of my television in homey (then in homekit).

The problem is : my virtual doesn’t update with “set a virtual value sensor”. I tried with “YES” and boolean true but in both cases my virtual device is still at the same status…

Do you know what I’m doing wrong ?

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Why nog use a virtual button as virtual tv? That’s how i did it. Just turn the button on or off

Hello, I have this one :

But several things can turn on/off TV :

  • A flow
  • A push on the virtual device
  • my TV Remote

In case I turn off my TV with TV remote I need the virtual to update his value. I hope I’m clear enough…

You can turn a virtual button on and off with a flow. You can start flows with a push on the virtual button and if your remote is connected to homwy you can also switch te virtual button with your remote.

Ok. Thank you for your advice.
I wondering how “set a virtual sensor” works. I thought to know it… ^^