Verisure apps compatibility


There are 2 Verisure apps on the store, I’m unsure about the difference, but that’s not exactly my question.
My question is about compatibility with different “country”.
Seems Verisure distribute country specific devices …

So as I’m livinng in France, the question is : could any of the two apps be updated to handle devices distributed in France ?

From my understanding, the apps use the web account to acces the device status or interact with it (change alarm status), using a polling method.
So I suppose it could be updated, but the way it works : I need to subscribe and PAY before I can test :roll_eyes:

(I am not asking for someone to update it for me … I could actually participate to it I suppose)

edit : I’m unsure the web stie of verisure is the same for all counrty … make me feel unsafe to pay SO MUCH … and end up blocked