Velux KLF 200 instead of Somfy Connexoon

Hi! I have 5 Somfy io-motors, at the moment connected to a Somfy Connexoon. I hate that device. The app is horrible and partly French, all communication goed via Somfy’s server instead of local commands. A couple of weeks ago this resulted in the screens not going up when it started raining, when Somfy experienced server problems… Sadly, the io-motors are a closed protocol.

I found the Velux KLF 200, an io-homecontrol Gateway that does work locally. But I can’t find any recent topics about this. I’d like to know if anybody uses the Velux KLF 200 with Homey, because I want to adjust my screens locally, independent of any 3rd party server or internet connection.

You already had a look at
Supported devices / services with most common parameters:

  • IO vertical exterior blinds
  • IO roller shutters
  • IO horizontal awnings
  • IO exterior venetian blinds
  • Velux IO roof windows
  • Velux IO blinds
  • Velux IO roller shutters

Yes I did, but unfortunately no local communication… only via their servers.

I’ve got some Somfy IO stuff as well. Don’t have the device you mentioned but I did read about someone who combined a “local” io remote with a zwave controlled relay switch. In other words: used the zwave relay to “press” the remote control button. This would be a local solution. Read it on this forum somewhere. Would probably require some soldering to hook up the relay to the remote control button.

I found this one:

One thing to figure out is how to work with 4 different channels and the stop function :wink: I often use the set_position in Homey which is midway of the window. After all, the Velux KLF 200 might be the cheaper option. I’ll wait for some more information.

Good morning all. Just wondering if anyone has been able to look into the Velux KLF200 integration to Homey.

I bought the KLF200 to be able to hardwire manual retractive switches and use them to open/close blinds and windows. This has worked perfectly for well over a year and I am now looking at whether anyone has integrated the KLF200 into homey. I have spoken to Velux who have advised that this is possible using the published Velux KLF200 API. I also understand that as this is a Velux product, it just works with the Velux products, unlike from what I read, the Somfy Connexoon product which can be temperamental (no real experience though).

However, being an absolute noob and definitely no programmer, I am unable to make heads nor tails of what to do to create an app. Is anyone able to help?

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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has been able to have a look at integration of the KLF 200 with Homey.

I have no idea whether it’s integration is difficult but do know that the Velux public API is published and available.

I would try to have a go myself but have no idea even where to begin. Unfortunately, I am no programmer.

Please please help!

Best start to find an existing (comparable) app on github, try to understand how it works, than make changes so it works for you. You can download github projects and test/run them local on your Homey by using CLI (search this forum for that).

I’m looking into this now
Did you find anything?
There is a Home Assistant integration that does it
It looks like it’s a very basic Web API so may be possible to hack it realtively easily with existing skills (guess)
Undecided yet if I’ll do this or get home assistant up and running for this

Hi Vaderag,

I haven’t had a chance I’m afraid. I am hoping to put aside some time nearer august to go through the suggestions kindly made.

How’s your investigation going?

I spoke with someone from Reddit who’s using a KLF 200 with home assistant and sounds like the way to go…haven’t got much further than that but that’s at least the plan

Ok. I don’t have home assistant but will have a better look when I can