Variables overview

I have a lot of variables.
The following three things would certainly be helpful:

  1. if there were folders for the variables to clean up a bit and have a better overview.
  2. temporary variables in a flow that would not need to be stored in the variables (e.g. they could be used with a # in front of them).
  3. in the flows you can search for flows. I would find it great if one could also search for variables (and even devices)

Maybe you can use this?

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You can indeed do this with a flowcard from the device capabilities app.
You can search for apps, decices, zones and variables.

does not work reliably for me or at least does not show all of them

It’s possible with the Temporary Variable app.

But I agree that it would be better to have this feature directly within Homey, so you don’t have to install an additional app.

What are you missing than?


This is just one example.

  1. Velux window, which is used in various flows.
  2. Philips Hue motion sensor. Motion is indicated (1 flow). Temperature and brightness, however, are not