Variable motion

Hi there, since Nest is not available for Homey I need a new way to tell Homey me or someone is home. I used the “Home” status of Nest to tell Homey not to turn the lights out at 23:00 and vice versa.

I do have a Fibaro eye for motion but I am not able to get a right variable. I want to create a flow when “Motion” has not been triggered for a hour to tell Homey to turn of the lights. Any ideas?

Same principle as the light with motion and a timer.
WHEN motion THEN stop timer
WHEN no more motion THEN start timer for 1 hour
WHEN timer reaches zero THEN turn off the light

Thanks, I used to app hourglass to make this work.

When motion Then turn hourglass 1 hour.
When hourglass stop And Time is 23:00 Then turn off lights