Vaillant water boiler solution

Hi, I have water underfloor heating on Vaillant gas boiler and ofcourse water heating. I have manual termostats in each room. I am hesitant to spend any money on smart termostats, because I barely change temperature during winter. Its just how underfloor works and the cost would never justify, i would not save any money with it.

Anyway I would like to find solution for water boiler so that I can monitor and set water heating for presence at home and vice versa.

Any tips how can I easily connect it to Homey? So my purpose is to control water boiler not house heating. Many thanks for suggestions.


I think the Vailant boiler will have a signal cable / input that when live tells the boiler to heat the hot water. Some plumbers wire that to a momentary switch because and I think it gets overridden by a wired timer input if one is installed. You could use a fibaro/other relay / switch to trigger that and then some flows to control the timing or maybe one of the heating scheduler apps: or perhaps?

I doubt that.

Does your vaillant support opentherm.
In that case the opentherm gateway can be a start.
There is an app for it.
This way homey can set opentherm parameters

Seems like I need to add module vr33 to my Vaillant. Thanks for the hint.

Why do you doubt it? My ecoTEC 627 had it, and that’s how many boilers work. How do you suppose wired thermostat requests heat from the boiler?

So the simple relay you think might help me?

Trough a special designed protocol for it like Nefit has or something like OT. If u think any Vaillant can be a relais attached to to get the hot water heating then i doubt that.

Well I don’t know about "any Vaillant ", and I don’t know what “Nefit” “OT” are but certainly the one I mentioned works with simple electrical circuit / signal that sends demand for heating, and indeed my plumber used a Fibaro switch relay to make it work. I suspect since it is only 2 years old, then many other boilers work the same. I can’t see why they would need anything more complicated from a physical timer switch or thermostat installed in so many many houses.