Vacuum cleaner when leaving house ONCE per day

So, I want my roborock vacuum to start cleaning once everyone has left the house, this is easy to set up but I also want it so that if it has already vacuumed on that day the vacuum should not be started at all and this I can’t figure out how to do.

Anyone that can help?

Make in logica a Yes/no variable.

Your flow gonna look lik something.

If. iam away
And logica Vacuum is “yes”
Then start cleaning, and set Vacuum logica to NO.

Dont forget to set the logica Vacuum to yes again during the day/night. otherwise the vacuum wont start cleaning the next time

I believe some random dude made an awesome tutorial, in which this is included.

EDIT: Sure… Give the wrong link… This one is the one I wanted to post, my apologies:

Got it working, thanks a bunch !