Help please? Flow for robot vacuum to clean not more than once a day/24H

Does one of you have a solution for the issue below?

I have created a flow for my Neato Botvac D7 connected to start vacuuming when the last person leaves home. This flow works great! But if one of us comes home again, the flow will be triggered again. Sometimes this results in having Neato cleaning the floor 2 of 3 times in 1 day.

I would like to create a flow that prevents Neato to clean more often than 1 time per day/24H.
Who knows how to do this?

Much appreciated and thanks in advance!

Add an extra card in your existing flow in the DAN schakel flow uit truus automatisch…

make an extra flow
ALS tijd is 21.00 uur DAN schakel flow in truus automatisch


Too easy!
Never thought about that one :slight_smile:

Thanks !!!

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