V2: Beep on volume change

Since the update to V2, my Homey gives a beep (more like blub) when I change the Homey volume inside a flow. These flows have been running in V1 without the blub, and now it is suddenly there. Anyone recognises this behaviour and knows how to prevent the blub?

I’m having the blub also. To be honost, i thought it was a side effect of the new weather function for the Led Ring. I enabled it as i thought it would look funny, and since it is raining i thought it now also let me hear the rain. Never thought it was a flaw untill now.

Now i also wonder what the blub is…

I am having the same problem, had a coo coo clock installed but had to remove it because of this beep. :thinking:

It looks like the beep is gone again when changing volume. Great!