Using Siri for flow activation

Anybody who is using Siri for flow activation? I’m using sprut’s HomeKit app, but that doesn’t make Siri capable of executing flows.

Is there anybody who is using it and cares to share the flow ideas?

You can use a Vd button and then when you ask Siri to turn your ”button” on you have a flow IF -> VD button is on -> then do this etc.

I guess that with “VR” you mean a Virtual Device?

Have a look to iOS 12 shortcuts

Yes sorry for the confusion.

Yes I saw that topic but I don’t quite understand the http part and how to implement that.

Recently I changed from Android phone to Apple phone.Unable to activate a flow by voice command when using Siri now.

I have found 3 workarounds now for using Siri:

  1. make use of a ‘virtual device’ app which can be downloaded via apps.athom. This should work but requires some effort. (Didn’t get this working yet for myself) but idea is to make a virtual device “1” and when you say: “He Siri, zet “1” aan” the virtual device will make the switch to ON. Along with this switch a flow can be triggered where you mention something like: IF 1 is ON then turn BIOSCOOP MODUS AAN

  2. found in this topic that there is a way of using http requests. However I am wondering if this is related to voice commands. As far as I can see it is not.

  3. by far my favourite way so far! Install Google’s assistant on your Apple iPhone. Google assistant now supports NL language. Only pain in the ass, you have to say it like; “He Google, vraag homey de BIOSCOOP MODUS AAN te zetten” where BIOSCOOP MODUS AAN is the name of the flow.

Anyone allready found a decent way of working with Siri speech commamds without workaround?

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As far as number 2 is concerned, I thought there was no relationship between Siri and http… at least I couldn’t see it…

Is there any?

With the Shortcuts app (don’t know the Dutch name), you can create a Shortcut that calls an HTTP URL, and assign a Siri phrase to that shortcut so you can use it from Siri.

That would be nice. Do you have an example?

Here’s an example shortcut:

The full URL is http://homey.local/api/app/com.internet/testbericht/12345

The flow trigger that goes along with it looks like this:


So the testbericht in the URL is the event name in the trigger card. The value tag will contain 12345 (the last part of the URL).

You can record a Siri phrase in the Shortcuts app by pressing the “two switches” icon (below “Done”), so you can trigger this shortcut using a custom phrase (however, for some reason, that’s not working for me right now, but apparently it’s still a bit buggy since I’m not the only one for which it suddenly stops working).

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I get this error.

I used the WifiAdress, is that correct?

Looks like it stopped working on v2 :frowning:

Any other way to use the homey IP?

It seems the developer has fixed the authentication issue. Not sure if it’s already released, though.

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How will we know?

Other question:
Is this only usable at the local network or could I use Siri even if WiFi is not connected?

We will know when a new version of the app is released :wink: So check the app page:

As for calling it from remote, I think that’s possible through the external “cloud” address of Homey:

You should be able to look up the Athom Cloud Id somewhere inside the app, I assume.

I found ‘CloudId’ here:

I just read here that it should be possible to disable authentication altogether in the app settings, so perhaps it will work with the current version of the app already.

I tried to disable the authentication and use the CloudId (because I’m at work), but that didn’t pay off (Er is geen server gevonden met de opgegeven hostnaam). I will try the homey.local when I’m at home…