Using homey as a light?

Hi all

Is there a way to use home ring light as a standard light? Simply turn and off when needed.

Ofcourse. I wouldnt call it standard light but I am using it as a night light with the motion sensor. Just create the flow with “led ring screensaver”. Normally its off and than change to solid any color you like. Easy

Thanks Daniel. I sill want to be able turn it on and off like standard light but I guess that is not possible.

Of course that is possible! How do you wish to turn it on and off?

I’ll name a few possibilities for you:

  • Create a virtual device called ‘Homey’ an design flows which turn the led ring on and off (i did this too) > this let’s you turn it on and off with the click of a button in the Homey app
  • If you have Alexa or Google Assistant, the virtual device can be added to them > this let’s you use voice control to turn it on and off (i added Homey as a virtual device > light bulb, so GA recognizes it as a light)
  • Buy a button. Which one? Basically every button will do (KlikAanKlikUit/ClickOnClickOff, Fibaro, Xiaomi). Create a logic (Homey) which is toggled when you click the button. Design a flow that turns Homey on when the logic is Yes, otherwise turn it off
  • See the motion sensor idea mentioned by Daniel_S
  • Use flows to turn the led ring on and off at set times
  • Use flows to turn the led ring on when entering a room (window-door sensor) and off after a certain amount of time
  • Create a widget on your phone which sends a HTTPS request. Add a flow in Homey which toggles the led-ring on and off when the widget is pressed > you can now turn Homey’s ring on and off without having to open the app

Let me know if any of these ideas work for you, and what other ways of turning Homey’s led ring on and off you would like. Also, if you want to know more about a specific idea, just reply!

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Thanks so much. I did the virtual button for now. It works! I chose a screen saver. And created second one to turn off. Is it possible to use the same virtual button to use to toggle on/off switch?

Yes, that is possible.

You can create a virtual button which acts as a light bulb or a on/off switch. I use the Virtual Devices app for this, but this is probably also possible in the experimental virtual device option.

Just create a flow, when the VD is turned on, then turn on Homey’s Led ring. Create a second one for running it off and you are set

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The great thing about Homey you basically do whatever you think of. I just assume you have not doscovered all the possibilities yet :wink:

Thanks a lot. I did the same and very happy with the result.

True. I am not really taking full advantage. I was especially put off by problems with tbk dimmers and limited dimmer supply in uk.

Your welcome! Have fun and if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Also, you can get a lot of ideas by looking at the flows section of this forum :wink: