Forecast using the LED-light on Homey

I would like to create some kind of flow showing the current weather where I want to use the LED ring pending of the state at the weather and also send me some kind of push notice to my phone.

For ex. Between 06 am and 08 am I want to Homey to light blue if it is raining and also send a push notice. It´s raing. Yellow if it is sunny and also send a push notice to my phone. I also want home to check every 15 min if the weather will change

How do a create that kind a flow? I need step by step guid:)

Have a look at:

Then start to make a flow for your first wish and then extend your flow(s) until all works.

No no JP. He needs a step by step guide. So start at the Media Markt part, walk thru the steps of returning the power supply because of the RROD and so on. The screensaver has a weather function build in but that’s not a step by step guide. :wink:


So dont want to use the hue lamp anymore ?

I use this app to show the weather on the led ring of homey:

Settings-led ring-weather is all it takes!

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Well, I am right now looking at different solution. Hue lamp is one of them:)

Does not work with Homey FW v5.x. I can’t install the app.

@fantross A new developer took it over @martijnpoppen and there is a SDK2 version since today on test, so right on time for the official V5 release.