Using global parameters in flows

Does anyone know if you can use global parameters in flows.
As an example I want to get notifications sent to my mobile if there is no one home. But not all the time. I want to be able to use a parameter in the flow which I can set globally to determine if each person who determines if no one is home should be included in that logic flow. Without doing this I would have to go and edit every flow with that person selected.

Or maybe there is another method to achieve the same result? Please advise options.

I’m sorry. I’ve tried to understand what it exactly is you want here. I’m not sure if I got it right.

You want a notification when nobody is home, and you want to receive this notification once. Do you want to receive this notification when the last person has left? Something like this?

And you want to receive a message which states which users are not home? Something like:

Person 1 is not home
Person 2 is not home
Person 3 is home

Is it that you want to be able to check whether given people are at home?

Let’s say you household consists of person A, B, C and D. And you want to make 1 flow, which checks whether the people you name are not at home.

So 1 flow, where you simply enter:
Person A
Person C
and it checks whether only A & C are not at home?

And then, in the same flow, you start it, but this time you want it to check whether Person C and Person D are not at home?

(I’m sorry, i’m really trying to understand it)

Thanks for the reply. I have done some more thinking/investigation since my post. I think I can achieve what I want to do using the Better Logic App. I can set a parameter “Peterhome” to T when I return home and to F when I leave. Then I can use this parameter in all my notification flows to notify me of alarms when I’m away from home. Then when I want notifications whether I am home or not I just have to set this parameter to F. This is very useful to test notifications, or if there are two or more people I can get alarm notifications even if one other person is still at home if I want. Hope this clarifies what I was trying to achieve.

I am interested in the picture of the flow in your response. It looks like your are just sending a notification to your mobile but I don’t understand what “Dash Board” means?

I didn’t understand exactly what you want either, but for your variable “Peterhome” you don’t need the BetterLogic app. With the Built-In Logic you can do the same.

However, this can also be done in a more elegant way.
With a Virtual Device (e.g. with a button or a switch) you can also let the variable “Peterhome” switch between T and F.
Theoretically it is possible with the Built-In Virtual Device (Button), but I would prefer the App Virtual Devices. This allows you to visually indicate whether the notifications are switched on (bright icon) or off (grayed out icon).
You can add the Virtual Device to your favorites and have quick access to it.


Thanks @fantross. I have used the VD’s as you suggested. I found out though that you can set your presence with the basic Homey presence functions. So the VD mode has been set up to set one person, or all, to be away. That way I can easily test alarms, and also get alarms even when a specific person is still at home if I wish. I also found out by accident that when you close the App and then open it again that it does a system check of you presence and sets them back to reality.