How about letting us send a parameter to a flow?

While I do have a workaround by setting a variable in the calling flow before starting the secondary, I think it would be nice if you instead could add a parameter to the call - it would reduce the need for global variables quite a lot, I think.

I do realize there’s a case for it being triggered directly without parameter - it could be opted that the flow does nothing in that case… or that you in the when can set a default value to be used if triggered without an input.

Just a suggestion if no one at athom has considered it.


can you fill in this form?


I’ll send one or a few more that way too, then!



That would also solve the race condition, where the flow is called before the variable is updated because the actions are run asynchronously.

Yes, that’s part of it too.

( I generally put a one second delay on new flow starts to improve the chance of the variable getting set first. )