Use Z-wave to controle Somfy blinds


Here is my problem: I would like to control my Somfy blinds using Z-wave. I know it’s possible and I have an installation that is working.
I had a previous domotic installation using a Lifedomus/Deltadore server. It was (and still is) controlling my Somfy blinds with Z-wave. I didn’t set it up myself. So would you know how I can do it with Homey?
I have no Somfy Tahoma and I would like to avoid installing one.

Here is an example screenshot of the Lifedomus server (please click on the none appearing picture below to see it):

Thank you


What brand of zwave device do you have connected to your Somfy blinds?

Hello Robin,

As fare as I know it’s Somfy bran.



Then there should be an app created for it

Have you tried the app „Sunway Window Coverings“, yet? Its working for me as I use the app for my „Haus & Heim“ Blinds (division of somfy)

Changelig of the app says:

Sunway Window Coverings


Changed the signals of the Somfy device to send-only.


Added tilt capability to Somfy blinds. To make use of this functionality you will need to re-pair your Somfy device. Note that adding a device to Homey multiple times (by re-pairing) can cause the memory of your Somfy blind to be full. If the memory of your Somfy blinds is full the blind will respond to pairing but will not work in the test screen. If this happens you will need to do a factory reset of your Somfy device and re-pair all remotes.

Maybe work for you too.


Hello Guys,

Thank you for your answer. After a bit of research on my installation (that I didn’t do myself at the time) it appeared that I had some Fibaro installed and that was controlling my blinds. So I had to un-pare them (physically by pushing the button) from the old system and to pare them again to Homey. That’s the part that I was missing.

Thanks again for all your precious help.