Use soundboard file to cast to Google Home

Could you make an extention to it, so that it can be loaded in Homy via CLI

not sure. I never tried to return file content through the api endpoints. It might be required to add an actual webservice or maybe not. I cannot tell, sorry.

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Well, I implemented an app which would work with chromecast. I think I will try publish it on the appstore. It will solve your problem too. But it won’t involve the soundboard though

Wow, that’ s great, is it downloadable from github?

haha, no. It is not on github sorry.
But I have tested it with my own chromecast whether it works with your usecase. Looks good.
I need to write up some docu still and hope it will get accepted by Athom. If they decline it on the appstore I might make it public on github.

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This will solve your mp3 hosting problem when released: Homey Serves

Now on the appstore:


Thanks very much, and here are the first problems, cannot log in, “acces active refused” tried with WinSCP program on W10 PC:


after a while, the app stops, on the screen(smartphone)

error: not-found


FTP Server Offline again

hmm… strange. Would it be an option for you to try with FileZilla? At least I tested it with that tool. Just to see if it is a problem in combination with WinSCP.

I just tried with WinSCP. Funny enough I can login but the directory listening command WinSCP uses to get the file list does not seem to be supported in my ftp server endpoint.

Oh dear. I understand not a single word :sweat_smile:
Encryption is not supported, it should be disabled

how? where?

Works like a charm with FileZilla, cheers!

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works fine for me @.@

This is all settings I set to connect

Thanks, I think I got it, will test later more:

Mind. When I tested I found that homey does not resolve its own hostname within the Chromecast app. Not sure whether this is a common issue with all apps or not. However, you will need to use your homey’s IP instead of the hostname there.

Got it working completely:

Thanks again, very much.



Is there any way to get rid of the annoying bleep sound a Google Assistant speaker makes just before the casting of a mp3 starts?

Now if the doorbell is pressed, first I hear this bleeping sound and then the doorbell sound.

That’s a Google home thing, which can’t be turned off currently, so you’ll have to ask Google.