Use average temperature from new Climate module

I love the new climate module that Homey has introduced and I would to use the average temperature calculated to trigger flows. Does anyone have an idea if this is possible in any way?

By using:


Gives the average temperature with 2 decimals.

AFAIK you cannot use the value of the climate module.
So indeed you need to calculate by yourself.

A second way to do this is by creating an advanced virtual device with Device Capabilities and create a number field that can reflect multiple sensors as below



It’s possible with the < group > app, by creating a new device with the separate sensors. After that it’s possible to chose which temperature (highest, lowest, average) should be used for the flow cards.

Thank you! That was a great solution! :pray:

Yess, this works…

And in the same line of thinking I want to create a “Hitte Alarm” modus… Knowing when to

  • close windows (preventing external heat coming in)
  • open windows (to get lower temperature coming in)
  • To close the blinds / rolluit based on solar power
    Combining actual and predicted outside temperature…And the difference inside and outside
    I think I need a trend calculation to measure if the value of the temperature is going up or down.

And in the Winter a different modus off course

Have a look at Insight Trends

It lets you determine that for any period in the past

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