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Updating to 2.0

Hi all,

Question to you all… hoe long did it take to update your device to 2.0?
Mine is ‘stuck’ at the purple ring… Even after 15 hours…

Anyone got lucky after the 15 hours?

after 15 minutes my homey was up2date

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15 hours is too long. You could pull the plug, leave it out for 12,3 minutes and then try again.

That’s strangely specific :thinking: :yum:

Yes, because it works. :slight_smile:

How long is the maximum time I should wait? As I’ve tried it multiple times with 10+ hours waiting time in between and not having any luck…
Are there any users that got it working? Or did you send it to Enschede?

do you mean 1,2 or 3 minutes?

He means 12.3 minutes, (they do things differently over there).

How long it takes depends on your internet connection (time to download), but 4 hours is likely to long.

How big is the download? I can then understand how long the download can take… And after that, the install could take max 4 hours?