Unifi app - away / home / sleep (Solved)

I use this app and it works great.
When i come home and i connect to my accespoint it changes the state to Home.
When i leave the house and disconnect from my accespoint is changes the state to Away.

So far so good.

But when i go to bed i always set my phone to flightmodus. Now i dont want homey states me to Away but to Sleeping.

What is a good way to automate this? I prefer not to do anything manually.

Thanks a lot

Set your phone to ‘do not disturb’ (if this concerns an iPhone)?

Thanks your fast reply.

But i prefer to kill all WiFi in the bedroom at night.

Instead of using unify for this I added a virtual device that I cal ‘sleeping’ . I made a flow that reacts on changes of this device. When I go to sleep I press it and the flow turns off everything and sets all users to sleep.

when I disable the device again everyone is set to awake

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I have an Innr Zigbee SP120 wall plug connected to my iPhone charger. If it measures >5W energy consumption, it triggers a flow which sets my status to " sleeping".

When your iPhone is fully charged, the energy will drop to 0W; that’s why I have another flow which activates at 06.30hrs and is only true when the SP120 plug measures 0W consumption. This flow enables everything I disabled with the “sleeping” flow.

And I also use the UniFi connection status for “at home” and “away” status, it works great.

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Thanks! This is what i’m going to do!

I hate to be a party pooper, but if you put your phone in airplane mode in the bedroom to have a “radio less” sleeping environment, you just introduced a zigbee radio in that scenario.


Just to add to that: Both Zigbee an Wifi work on the same frequency-band: 2,4 Ghz

In my case I’m using a fibaro plug and the lower frequency 868,42 Mhz. :wink: